DIY Picture Wall

Hey everyone! Today is something exciting because it’s a do-it-yourself project. I did this to a blank wall in my room and it really revamped my entire room. It adds a great touch to empty walls and looks very artistic. Here are the tools you will need—


  1. Pick photos on Pinterest or any other pictures that you like. Check out my Pinterest for some cool photos—

  2. Set up your printer with glossy photo paper, so your photos look like they were actually developed

  3. Open up your frames and place the photos in the frames

  4. Map out how you want your pictures to be set up on your wall by placing them on the floor

  5. Once you know where you want your pictures to be on your wall, use Command strips and add the chic decor to your wall! Voilá! Your wall now has a cool and chic aspect and adds so much color and character to your room.

Finished Project!


I hope you all enjoyed this DIY project for your empty walls. Please check out my Pinterest to find some really awesome photos for your own walls.



The Stylogist

Adriana Autie